Cameroon: Arrey Bate Exposes Decayed Press at London Conference

Arrey Bate, CEO of ARREYB BLOG

By Kesah Princely & Paul Njie

Renowned Anglophone blogger, Arrey Bate, has presented the plight of Cameroonian journalists at the Future News Worldwide Conference in London.

The event which brought together 100 young journalists and media practitioners from across the world, was an opportunity for participants to share their experiences on the media situation of their countries.

During the event, Arrey Bate, founder of ARREYB BLOG, revealed how journalists who are vocal of the Cameroonian government are persecuted.

The young entrepreneur said some journalists covering the Anglophone crisis have been detained by President Paul Biya’s government, while others have sought asylum in foreign countries.

“I shared with participants how journalists receive threats, especially after having written a story,” as people send threatening messages questioning facts.

“Good enough, speakers and coaches at the conference already had knowledge of the Cameroon Anglophone crisis, as the constantly made reference to Cameroon,” he told TWIF NEWS.

Arrey Bate is not the first Anglophone Cameroonian journalist to have exposed the frailties of the media system in the country. Journalists such as Mimi Mefo and Nfor Hanson Nchanji have often presented the situation at foreign conferences and media organs.

Cameroon since 2018, has been the second worst jailer of journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa after Eritrea, says the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

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