‘Amba’ Fighters Put Kumba Bikers On Tight Spot, Reject 3milion Reconciliation Fee

Destroyed bikes leave bikers helpless

By Kesah Princely


3milion FCFA allegedly demanded from Kumba Bikers by separatists as appeasement fee, has been rejected, leaving commercial riders at crossroads.

The money as TWIF NEWS learnt, was requested by a faction of Ambazonia fighters in Kumba, to permit the biker riders operate freely.

A different group of separatist fighters is said to have rejected the money which bike riders as we learnt, were trying to mobilise in order not to be targeted while at work.

The group of fighters that turned down the money instead ordered the bike riders to go back and protest for the continuation of ghost town operations on Mondays.

The riders recently protested in the headquarters of the Meme division, in the restive Anglophone South West region, demanding an end to Monday ghost towns.

The demonstration followed the killing of their colleague by alleged ‘Amba’ boys.

After the denunciation ghost town protest, Restoration Forces retaliated by killing some bikers and putting some under inhumane treatment.

The reaction from the fighters is said to have pushed the bikers to apologise and want reconciliation.

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