Military Fires Into Church: Why Bullet Misses Pastor

Ngwalang church

By Kesah Princely, Njodzeka Danhatu, & Regis Che


The pastor of Presbyterian Church Ngwalang, Bamessing, is now showering praises on God after military bullets missed him in church, TWIF NEWS has learnt.

The shooting into the house of God happened Sunday, July 21, when the Reverend whose name we got as Abraham, had just concluded service.

Talking to TWIF NEWS, a resident of Ngwalang, Ngoketunjia Division in Cameroon’s Northwest Region, said “around midday Sunday, the Cameroon military that usually escort trucks transporting Ndawara tea (locally produced tea), shot bullets into the church.”

According to the source, the uniformed officers who were returning to Ndop from Bamenda sprayed the bullets at the pulpit where the clergyman usually stands to deliver sermons.

The bullets as we were told, penetrated the window, passed through the pulpit and hit the church walls, just when the man of God had left.

Our source added that, the stray bullets, disrupted church activities, forcing Finance Committee Members who were still counting Sunday offerings, to run helter-skelter for refuge.

It is unclear why the military fired into the house of worship, but our source intimated that military excesses have been recurrent in Ngwalang.

“The military was attacked around this area (Ngwalang) six months ago by Amba boys, for beating to death a bike rider and confiscating his moto bike,” he averred.

This is not the first time men of God have been victims of the Anglophone armed conflict that brook out in 2016.

Charles Truman Wesco, an American Missionary, Cosmos Ombuto Ondara, Kenyan Priest, and Rev. Father Alexander Nogi Sob, Buea Diocesan Priest,  have all been wiped out by stray bullets as a result of the Crisis.

Meantime, Ngoketunjia Division has been one of the areas where Ambazonia fighters have had a high influence in the crisis ravaged two Anglophone minority Regions.

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