CRM Vice President Disappear From Kondengui

CRM Vice President, Mamadou Mota in agwada talking to press men

By Kesah Princely & Che Regis


The Secretary General of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement has revealed to TWIF NEWS that CRM’s Vice President is missing.

Talking July 23, CRM Script, Chief Barrister Ndong Christopher said Mamadou Mota, was taken to an unknown location by the prison authorities.

According to the SG, Maurice Kamto’s Vice, went missing Monday night.

This comes following a massive chaotic demonstrations orchestrated by Inmates who wanted liberation.

Barrister Ndong, at the moment of this interview said the Yaounde Kondengui prison where tension brook out is now highly militarised.

TWIF NEWS equally learnt that Mamadou Mota was not the only missing detainees, as others are said to have been ferried to yet to be disclosed areas.

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