Case Against Sisiku & Co Adjourned Again

Release adjourning Seseku and Co’s case

By Paul Njie & Chia Heris

The court case at the Yaounde Military Tribunal against Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and other Anglophone detainees has been adjourned.

In a communique released this Tuesday by the President of the Yaounde Military Tribunal, the date of trial has been shifted to the 29th of July this year.

According to the head of the Military Tribunal, the case could not be held this Tuesday because of the “unavailability of the detainees.”

Barrister Ndong Christopher, one of the defence lawyers of the Anglophone separatist leaders, told TWIF NEWS that the detainees could not be brought to the tribunal because of “the upheavals in the prison,” seemingly referring to the crackdown of protests staged by Anglophone detainees at the kondengui Central Prison on Monday.

He said the defence lawyers were okay with the adjournment, because they had been informed through the communique.

“It [case adjournment] ties well with our tactics,” Barrister Ndong acclaimed.

This is not the first time the detained leaders of the self-proclaimed Federal Republic of Ambazonia are boycotting court sessions, neither is it the first deferment of trial.

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