Killings, Arrests Befall Ossing Village

Some elements of the Cameroon Rapid Intervention Baterlion, BIR.

TWIF NEWS is learning that about 20 persons have been killed, and scores of others arrested in Ossing village, Manyu Division.

A source told TWIF NEWS that security forces invaded the local market in Ossing Saturday afternoon, and allegedly killed some kembong people who were at the market, accusing them of sponsoring separatist fighters. TWIF News cannot independently confirm this information.

Our source also revealed that the incident forced many people to run into the bushes for safety; among whom was his relative.

TWIF NEWS’ source is a native from Kembong, but lives in Mamfe Town. He said a message was purportedly circulated earlier last week, warning all kembong natives in the bushes to relocate, because a “black leg” had told the military they were giving assistance to “Amba boys.”

TWIF NEWS has had access to the alleged warning message.

As our source recounted, the military could not access the areas in the bush where the Kembong natives reside, so they targeted some people they found at drinking spots such as “Baby Soft” and other places around the market.

The security forces were also accused of setting motor bikes aflame, and are said to have rounded off locals at the market.

On hearing the information, it is believed that separatist fighters rushed to the scene and only found corpses of kembong natives. TWIF NEWS cannot independently verify if all the supposed corpses were those of Kembong natives.

TWIF NEWS has learned that some of those arrested were taken to a B.I.R camp in Besongabang, while others were detained at the Brigade in Mamfe. Our source said some of those detained at the Brigade have been released, while others suspected of sponsoring separatists have been ferried to Buea. Those at the B.I.R camp are still under detention, we are told, and their relatives have not been able to get in touch with them.

Relations of those arrested by the military had been rendered clueless about the exact whereabouts of their relatives, until Sunday afternoon when they went to the Brigade in Mamfe Town at 5:00pm.

Villagers have strongly condemned the act, pointing fingers at Ossing people who happen to be their neighbours.

Since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis, many villagers from kembong have taken refuge in Ossing.

Calm has now returned to Ossing, but some people are still seeking refuge in the bushes.

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