CPDM militants, supporters rally in Baffoussam

By Kesah Princely


On Saturday July 20, thousands of Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement’s militants turned out massively in Baffoussam, west regional capital and showed support to their leader, Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya.

The event was highly attended by big wigs of the ruling party in Cameroon headed by the CPDM West Regional president, Foumbam Sultan, Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya.

The militants castigated some Cameroonians living abroad, who have identified themselves as Brigade Anti Sardinads, BAS.

while showing their strong support to President Paul Biya, they termed BAS as an extremist group.

BAS members few weeks ago demonstrated in Switzerland against Mr. Biya and wife who were sojourning in the Swiss Intercontinental hotel, urging him to resign.

The series of protests couple with ‘barbarism’ from President’s body guards pushed Biya to leave Swiss prematurely.

While liking BAS to CRM militants, CPDM elite in the West stroked detained CRM Chairman, Prof. Maurice Kamto for the chaos in Douala, Yaounde and Baffoussam.

They however denounced foreign interference in the trial of CRM president and others languishing in the kondengui security prison.

Maurice Kamto before his detention had, with is compatriots, demonstrated against ‘electoral holdups’ among many things affecting Cameroon.

He claimed he won the October 7, 2018 presidential elections which saw incumbent Paul Biya declared winner by the Cameroon’s Constitutional Council.

The rally in Baffousam was seen by opposition politicians as provocation to the Bamelike people. Also as bias from government officials in awards of authorization for parties to hold rallies in Cameroon.

Below is a short video of the rally.

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