NW, SW Elites Recount Regrettable Stories on Exile

One of the many houses burnt in kumbo, Northwest Region

By Sandrine Akeabeh


Some elites from the Southwest and Northwest regions have recounted compelling stories, saying three years is too much for them to be on exile.

Some of these elites blamed the insecurity in Anglophone Cameroon for their continuous stay awayaway from home.

Registering their frustration in an interview with TWIF NEWS July 20, a Lebialem elite said “I haven’t been able to set foot in my village for more than 3 years now” 

As our source explained, the daily killings and burning of their villages compelled them to evacuate. 

Faced with the precarious situation, they are unable to go back and bury loved ones who have died while on exile. This is for fear of being targeted by either the military or “Amba” fighters. 

“I lost my mum 2 years ago but couldn’t take her to the village for burial because of fear and havoc surrounding my community,” said another elite from Nso in the North West region.

Since the Anglophone crisis escalated into an armed conflict, hundreds of thousands have adopted refugee status. 

They have abandoned their culture and way of life to embrace a new one. 

Some are gradually losing their identities. Towns like Douala, Bafoussam, Dschang and Yaoundé, now harbour many from tribes in the NW and SW regions. 

Some of the elites, now internally displaced persons, IDPs, have remained skeptical of the affairs back home 

A Manyu elite said “I don’t even know when I will return home because a relative of mine told me, I will be kidnapped if I come home. My brother was killed by Amba boys but I couldn’t go to bury him.” 


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