Military Raid in Mambu Leaves 4 ‘Amba’ Fighters Dead


By Kesah Princely & Regis Che

Inhabitants of Mambu have remained indoors following the killing of some 4 Separatist fighters by Cameroon’s defence and security forces in the area.

A source told TWIF NEWS that soldiers raided the village Saturday afternoon, and killed 3 Pro-independence fighters.

“Two boys and a female who were all Amba fighters, on a moto bike returning from a nearby village [Mbelili], were shot dead by the military,” our source averred.

According to the source, soldiers were in an ambuscade in Mambu where they crushed the the 3 fighters.

Mambu is a village in Bafut Subdivision, about 12 kilometres from Bamenda, capital of the Crisis ravaged Northwest Region.

Meantime, another restoration fighter was killed in the same locality, with three of their bikes said to have been set ablaze by security agents this Sunday.

“Two of the boys were arrested and taken along,” our source further explained.

Earlier this year, five Ambazonia fighters were neutralised during a confrontation with the regular army in Mambu.

Meanwhile, dozens of soldiers have equally been wipe out by Separatist fighters in the area.

Bafut has been one of the major localities in Anglophone Cameroon where hostilities have intensified since the out break of the Socio-political upheavals in 2016.

For over a year now, Bafut has been highly controlled by Separatist fighters who claim the territory is theirs.

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