BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen Kidnap Doctors in North West


By Paul Njie & Kesah Princely

Two medical doctors have been abducted by armed men recently in the North West region, the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) North West Chapter has announced.

In a strongly-worded release signed moments ago by the association’s president, Ambe MacMillian Awa, the group condemned the kidnap of Dr. Dobgima Walters, a gynaecologist and Dr. Ali Mubarak, a modern “Tradi-practitioner.”

The release however, does not state who the gunmen are, or the exact time and place where the doctors were whisked from.

It’s remains unclear where they have been taken to, but the Macmillian-led group has called for their immediate release, stating that many patients who depend on the doctors for treatment have now been left stranded.

CAMASEJ North West also holds both Ambazonia forces and the military responsible for gross human rights violation, and disregard for International Humanitarian Law.

The association qualified the torture of women with children by supposed “Amba Boys” in Bali on Monday as inhumane, and urged the belligerent parties not to target medical doctors, journalists, women, children, schools, hospitals and religious establishments in times of crises.

Since the start of the Anglophone crisis in 2016, both the separatist fighters and military have been accused of targeting medical practitioners in the two conflict hit regions.

The North West Bureau of CAMASEJ has called on the government to release all political prisoners, ensure a conducive schooling environment, and call for a ceasefire as a means to facilitate the dialogue process.

CAMASEJ North West Chapter is the first Cameroonian journalists’ association to firmly challenge both government forces and the separatists, to end the violence in the ongoing crisis.

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