Germany Says It Can Mediate Anglophone Crisis, But Won’t Provide Military Aid

Christoph Hoffman, Head of German Parliamentary Group

The head of the German Parliamentary Group for Central African has said Germany can only mediate in the Anglophone crisis and not provide military aid to Cameroon.

Christoph Hoffman told DW Tuesday July 16, 2019, that Germany’s military mission ended before the Anglophone crisis escalated.

« German mission should have ended two years ago when the conflict in the South West went violent. At that point, it was obvious that civil rights were not being respected, » Hoffman told DW.

Hoffman admitted that Germany cannot be sure of the respect of civil rights in the restive North West and South West regions if its equipment are used.
« We never can tell if the equipment that Germany had delivered would not be part of the conflict in the South West and North West. »

The German parliament has urged Angela Merkel to visit Cameroon and initiate a dialogue process.
« There is 50% chance she will visit Cameroon. She has been visiting other countries and Cameroon is overdue to be visited, » Hoffman said.
« We cannot tell leaders what to do but we should press as European community to demand civil rights in the country, » he added.

Germany’s military mission in Cameroon started in the wake of the Boko Haram insurgency in the Far North Region of Cameroon. Hoffman said the Bundeswehr training mission was a humanitarian act to help Cameroon forces defend themselves against terrorists in the North.

« The mission has ended and cannot be renewed, » the FDP parliamentarian said. « Any of such missions has to be approved by parliament, » he added.

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