Buea Markets to go Daily

Buea OIC market

By Kesah Princely & Sandrine Akeabeh

All markets in the Buea municipality will soon function on a daily basis.

The decision filtered out from a session at the Buea Council Wednesday July 17.

In an exclusive interview with the Public Relations Officer of the Buea Council, Oscar Lingongo, intimated that authorities of the municipality are more than ever serious to improve on the economic status of their population.

“Markets in big towns and cities function daily and the Buea Council will not be an exception”, Mr Lingogo declared.

He also revealed that the decision to allow all markets in Buea to function everyday, will only be applied once all councillors have been consulted on the issue, stressing
that not all of them were present during Wednesday’s session.

Markets such as Muea, O.I.C, Central Market, Soppo and Buea town which have often been opened on particular days, will soon function from Monday to Sunday, says Mr. Lingongo.

“The council thinks that the populations of these areas should be spared of the stress that involves moving from one part of the town to another to buy and sell basic commodities.”

A fruits vendor at the Muea market, one of the largest in Buea, believes the decision is a good one, and says it will boost her sales given the perishable nature of her goods.

Meanwhile, a petty trader in Molyko who buys goods from markets in the town to retail sees the move as unnecessary. To her, it would retard her business, because most of her customers would prefer buying directly from the market.

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