TWIF NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Release of CRM Supporters: Party SG Reveals Real Figures

Bar. Ndong Christopher, CRM SG

By Kesah Princely, Paul Njie & Regis Che

The Secretary General of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party has criticised the Cameroonian media for misrepresenting figures of detained party militants who were recently released from the Yaounde Central Prison (Kondengui).

In an exclusive interview with TWIF News, Chief Barrister Ndong Christopher revealed that as opposed to conflicting media reports, the exact number of freed party supporters stands at 39.

Some news outlets in the country had earlier reported on the release of 100 CRM detainees last week, while others put their figures at over 40.

The legal mind clarified that 25 others were put on bail, raising the number of those out of jail to 64.

“Out of the 64, the 25 [on bail] will return to court to answer charges of rebellion, terrorism and hostility against the state,” he averred, noting that those on bail only have partial freedom.

Despite the release of some militants of the party, the Secretary General insisted that it was no major victory for the CRM, given that Professor Maurice Kamto (party’s president) and other party leaders are still behind bars.

Barrister Ndong considers the arrest and detention of their leaders as “illegal,” implying the act was a travesty of justice. He equally maintained that the international community is “unanimous that they should be released.”

Professor Maurice Kamto and other CRM bigwigs have been under detention for close to six months, following protests against President Paul Biya’s regime.

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