Municipal Elections: Biya Scared of Kamto’s Party?

By Kesah Princely, Paul Njie & Regis Che

President Paul Biya has postponed municipal elections in the country, because he is afraid of losing to the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, says the C.R.M’s Secretary General.

During a one-on-one Interview with TWIF News, Chief Barrister Ndong Christopher intimated that the CRM’s response to what he qualified as government’s stolen victory during the 2018 presidential elections, has pushed the regime to defer the holding of local elections.

The Secretary General argued that the CRM is always ready, and would defeat the CPDM in municipal elections anytime they are organised.

“Local elections are very particular in the sense that results are declared at the spot,” and this according to Barrister Ndong, prevents the ruling party from any fraudulent practices.

The Human Rights lawyer also claimed that the arrest and detention of CRM supporters is to prevent them from carrying out their party duties, especially at a time when elections were due.

The Chief Scribe of the party which sent shock waves across the country after taking part in their first election last year, revealed that the African Union is until now, awaiting proof from the Biya regime that they won the highly controversial 2018 presidential elections. TWIF News cannot independently confirm this revelation.

Municipal elections which were scheduled to take place this year, have witnessed a second postponement. President Paul Biya on July 15, extended the mandate of municipal councillors to Frebruary 29, next year.

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The 1996 constitution accords the Head of state with the prerogative to postpone elections in the country, whenever the need arises.

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