Man Left Incapacitated by Military

By Paul Njie & Kesah Princely

Cameroon’s Defence and Security Forces have been spotted dropping an injured young man at Bomaka, a locality in Buea.

Locals in Bomaka say the man whose name TWIF News got as Atem, was whisked by the military on a ghost town day about two weeks ago.

The incapacitated body of a man allegedly dump by the military

Some residents in the locality ran to the site where he was dropped off, from one of two military vans that drove into the area this Tuesday morning.

Atem was left helpess at a local football pitch, behind ZINDATAL, a Nursery and Primary school in the area which has remained shut down owing to the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

Locals said Atem’s appearance suggested that he had been tortured, given his inability to walk. He was carried out of the area by a group of sympathisers, to hospital as speculated by some onlookers.

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