Why I Left America After My Studies

When I started my studies in America, I knew I would become a Journalist one day. Journalism in America was referred by many as ‘gorilla journalism’. Before I dive into the nitty-gritties of the Journalism we practiced in school, let me tell you some of the things that we did there.

Our school was fenced, so, if a student was caught breaking bounds, the punishment was severe. One day, I skipped over the fence but was apprehended by the principal. I ran a way and he did nothing.


GSS Kuvlu students on the assembly ground receiving donated books by the Whiteman

I hated French and mathematic classes. When it was time for those two subjects, my friends and I would discharged to a bush nearby. It was normal for us. After a month, our teachers noticed. One day, we did same thing. While in the bush thieving pears and oranges, our DM was informed about our clique. He dispatched a contingent of teachers in hunt of us. We were picked up from bush to the Principal’s office.

The principal handled us personally – One person at a time. That American school was not easy. He lashed me 40 on the buttock in his office. I maned up and walked out as if nothing happened – no tear drop. He called me back and gave me 40 again. His aim was to compel me cry before he could notice I was impacted by the whooping.

When I started crying, he indorsed me out. I could not imagine while he was doing that to me. Americans have laws that protect students from teachers. It did not end there, he ordered me to bring timber for the construction of the fence I had flown over. Which I did.

It was common in America that we knew all our teachers’ farms. When drawing our timetable, farming time was injected. It might sound weird to you but that is how studying in the State was.

Students from the journalism’s club were being admired by others because of their aptitude to present news before a crowd. I was instead the head of a drama club.

Student journalists reported happenings only from their neighbourhoods. If you were dating or in love with a girl, it was headline news. The journalists, instead of unravelling the unknown were among themselves settling scores over girlfriends.

One morning on an assembly ground, George the presenter cued Jonas a reporter on a different stories and Jonas started reporting about his colleague, Raul who was boiled on the face as he tried dating Jonas’s admired girl.

A journalist, Raul was embarrassed at a girlfriends home for wanting to take girl out. It was about 9pm when the girl’s parent poured hot water on Raul’s face. Raul has been forcing himself on her but thank God the her parent intervened and rescued her from this cheat. After the incident, Raul rushed to the hospital where the nurse helped abated the pains. As of now, Raul cannot stand the shame and that explains why he is putting on a face cap now to conceal his fried face. Reporting for Campus News, I am Jonas”

Within seconds, all eyes were on Raul. I couldn’t understand that kind of reporting. It was appalling. Two days After, Raul came back and did a report by apologising to students while taking responsibility for his misconduct.

That is why I took it upon myself that I will study journalism that will build and not damage society. Some of you might be wondering why I left America and came home. If you hear me rapping, it is because I wanted to behave like Americans when I was there. The Best thing my parents did for me was sending me to study in America in 2009. I know you may be contemplating, but what I told you all happened. I have been talking a lot about America but this is what I failed to tell you. As one who had studied there, America is how they call my (nick-named) former secondary school GSS Kuvlu, located In Nkum-subdivision, Northwest Region of Cameroon.

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