Matters Or Not, Nature Doesn’t Care

Being Young or old is no guarantee that you will live long or die soon. Some will cut their ages as if being themselves life will not work in their favor. I have seen old men crying for God to relinquish them off this earth yet they grow older and older. I have also seen young men dying in their young ages.

Being plus 1, 2 or 3 as birthday celebrants will say, is childish to me. You are yourself.  Life is life. The principles of life does not care whether you are young or old, poor or rich, religious or not. According to Mute Efe in his book why bad things happen to good people, once you violate the principles you will face the consiquences.  Life doesn’t care.

Laughing at people because they are not at your level doesn’t matter. One musician said that somebody must pass another.  If you pass me for money I pass you for poverty. If you pass me knowledge I pass you for ignorance.

They are others who were the untouchables yesterday but today are touchable.  Hypocrisy is too bad for those who claim to be everything and what they are not. Why not be yourself.  When I am angry I show it. When I an happy I show it. That is me. I hate to pretend.

Anytime is action time for me. But mine you that whatever thing you do is what you will reap.

Can we stop behaving like we are waiting for another messiah?

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