How, Why I Prosecuted A CRTV Journalist

My quest for information has not started now. Is over 10 years now I prosecuted an innocent journalist because of my poor English. I am sorry.

Let me take you back to my teenage life in Takov. Located at the top of the hill, we could capture foreign and national waves on our radio. Back then, cinema was popular as people from Takov would pay in the night to watch Nigeria movies.

A movie of about an hour cost FCFA 100. About 2 people had televisions in the whole village.  We were always crowded on the windows of those with a TV. There was too much pride as the owners’ children will intimidate us and go with impunity. We couldn’t do anything because we were scared they were going to drive away when it was time for a movie.

My Dad had a six-battery-radio. He liked listening to radio so did I. Like father like son. By then, I liked BBC because of their jingle. I did not understand the content of the discussion on BBC but all was that someone called Jonathan Icer use to read the news especially during night hours.

Very early in the morning my Dad would tune CRTV Morning Safari program. I loved Madam Tabi for her brilliant presentation. I was well informed on political issues in the country though at my young age.

My first time to talk about issues on the radio was when former Prime Minister, Philemon Yang was appointed in 2009. CRTV reported about the PM’s Road Map of action. They said he was going to construct roads and do so many things.

Back in 2008 when I just completed primary school,  I heard a young man was elected president of the whole world.  BBC was referring to Barack Obama.  I loved him because people said he was a tactician, democrat and eloquent in making speeches.

I often spent time around the radio to know what was happening around the world. “Dad what is BBC Hausa saying” I would asked.

There was a phrase I liked so much.  “Radio doh shi belle, am Mah Kunar hankabunah”  that was on BBC Hausa. Till now I don’t know the meaning.

We did not hear things like Aljazeera,  CNN and others, not even those with Televisions.

One day, I was listening to CRTV which was to me like a messiah telling us what we should believe.  No body could contradict you when you mention CRTV in an argument.

“CRTV news with me George Arrey Mohtarreyta, (pause for seconds) at the anchor” It was 3pm newscast.  I was wondering what sent him to prison why he was on handcuff isnide the radio. My thoughts were that he had been convicted but allowed to do his job.

While with Friends,  I said confidently that there is a journalist who reads news on CRTV with handcuffs on the hand. George, I am Sorry.

I did not know that a presenter could be called an anchor. I knew of handcuffs instead. I had no clue about anchor.   People believed in me. Friends, I am sorry for misleading you guys.  George Arrey was not detained neither in handcuffs as I said..

It was my inability to master the English well by then.

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