Life As A Teenager In Takov

Takov is a village located on a hill in NKum Subdivision . It is surrounded by forest. Its name has a Banso origin.  Ta (up) and kov (Forest). It can be loosely translated as ‘up forest‘. This village has 4 entrances. The road from Diyri in the North, Semdzen in the South, Nkeng in the West and Mboliv in the East.

Takov junction

99 percent of the people here are muslims. The youths in this community are mostly bike riders, bambes (carriers of either plank or 100kg of potatoes), plank operators and farmers.

The main activity in this community is farming, mostly  subsistence farming. The farmers are seasonal.

My childhood life in Takov was very amazing. I debate a lot because of the experience I got from Takov. Very early in the morning,  after morning prayers, we would light fire and spent our time around it debating about policies of the nation. We had only two main parties that is CPDM and SDF. The SDF had always  dominated in times of elections.

We would debate and fight,  that was ok. There was too much injustice,  laws were respected based on who was stronger than who. When it was evening when we had returned from our farms we would set another fire and the debate would continue.

One thing that was peculiar about us was fighting.  Whenever there was a football match, we must always fought. Fighting during football matches was but normal especially in neighboring villages.  We had our Undertakers, Randy Ortons and Rey Misterious. If there was a match, every person was going with a harmer, knive, and other dangerous things.

Apart from that, mop justice was just too much. Thieves were dealt with, without any investigation.  If you were acussed, just know that your own had come.

One day one guy woke up to me and said, it had been a long time I cried. I thought he was joking but he held me well beaten for no reason.  Is just of recent I forgave him.

When it was dry season and we have havested our corn, we would inform our friends on a day we were going to transport home on our heads. When the day came, we would woke them up around 2am bacuase the farms were far far away from the villages. Minjay or Bamkov was about 4 kilometers away.  Our farm was there. Before it was 6am, we were back home already, surprising our parents who thought we were sleeping in our rooms. Then much food was cooked for all the carriers to eat and that was all.

My community friends and I at the top of the Takov mosque

We equally had our own way of doing things. Marriages were conducted in the night. The bride was brought in, in the night, her face was covered even her husband was never allowed to see her that day. We used to dance gumba (drum dance) very well in such occasion.  It was always like the new wife was for the whole village.  I have never seen a comunalist society like ours. Anybody’s problems belong to everyone.

We used to carry plank from the forest inorder to have our money for occasions like May 20 and February 11.

It was not easy, our parents would go to the farm while we went to school.  When our parents were in the farm,  we would return and change to go and carry plank. Carrying 2 by 6 and 6 by 12 was not easy. I am sure that has been one of the reasons I can’t grow taller than I am. In the evening we would wear our uniforms and also return home that we were in school; self deceptions.

Most of the times, we were working hard to provide for our girls.  But when they saw them doing such odd jobs, we would hide.

Inviting a girl over and buying her juice was like buying her a car. In those days to remove FCFA 500 and give to her was like giving her 5 million nowadays.

Playing football was fun too, we used to register our teams with pears, sweet potatoes and corn. Our playing style was ruth and old fashioned.  There was no referee.  We distinguished our opponents by removing our ups. Our halftime was determined by a score of two goals by a team, 4 goals was winning.

Takov football team

Our field is still on a hill, the goalkeepers can not see each other. There is a mountain at the middle, as a goalkeeper you were surprised all the time since you could not see what was happening at the other side of the field. The field is still an enclavement.

With Many people studying and coming back home with new ideas, most of the practices have died down. Modern farming is what we do now. Modernity has entered Takov and by 2022, Takov will be an urban area.

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