The Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board had released the GCE O/level Results. I was sitting by the fire site with my Mum when my Principal called. He wanted to announce something but the line dropped.  Due to fear, my whole body was vibrating. It was as if a girl had broken up with me causing my heart to beat bom bom, bum bum. After an hour, my principal called again and announced that I had passed in 6 papers out of 7.

Five days after, I went and collected my result slip and said bye bye to GSS Kuvlu popularly known as Ta America otherwise ‘up America’. The Ta America  came from the fact that our school was located at the top of the hill.

It was my time to also say bye to my village Takov. One evening,  my friend ringed. “Njodzeka Danhatu, you have been admitted”.  He said. At the start of first term, I was already a high school student at GBHS Kumbo.

Entrance to GBHS Kumbo

Kumbo is the capital of Bui Division NWR. Kumbo is comprised of Square, Kiyan, Tobin, Meluf, Bamkikaii, Rowmajay, Mveh, Dzenjii, Shisong and Njavnyuy.

I was resident at Square and schooling at Tobin. The boy from Takov (surrounded by trees) is now living in the heart of the town.

I was living in my Uncle’s house with my cousin. My cousin  was older than me. Only two of us occupied the mansion.

While at GBHS Kumbo, I decided to also join my friend in the search for a girlfriend.  I was very scared and not confident of myself.  Each time I asked my friends to call a girl for, I always find myself escaping before the girl could even dare to listen to them.

We had that mentality whereby, if you called for a girl anyone seeing you people together will not think anything apart from……I in particular was not that exposed to social life. In my former school GSS kuvlu, if approached a girl any how, you would receive a well sounded slap.

Danhatu, the high-school-boy, having mastered logic and philosophy very well, I thought I was going to use the logic, philosophis and confused their brains.

One Afternoon after school, I mustard enough courage and asked two of my friends Jaf and Fai to call for me One form 5 science girl I have been secretly admiring for weeks.  When they left for the girl, I wanted to run away as usual but decided to stay.

Aerial view of GBHS Kumbo in Tobin

Immidately they  messaged the girl, my heart started shaking, my legs dancing. It was fear. I was calculating what I was going to tell her upon arrival.

“You sent for me” she said. Her name was Anabel. I did not know how to court a girl. ‘I said yes, I requested for you’.

“Why? What do you want?” She asked. She looked at me boldly to the extent that I almost passout on my pants.

Not knowing what to say, I exploded “I want you to be my girlfriend because i love”.

“What did you just say?, do you even know who I am?” She asked.

“It doesn’t matter,  I know I have feelings for” I responded

As we were standing on varanda of Uppersixth Art, my competitor, her boyfriend was spying us. After waiting for not even up to five minutes,  he decided to come to us. Only the way he was galavanting, caused me to escape leaving his Anabel to him.

That was not all, I again got interested to another science form 4 girl called techician. Her name,  Noela, but we called her technician because her movements were technical.

Another day after school, I followed technician but she disgraced only within seconds.

“Hey Noela, please, excuse me” I said.

“Go straight to the point” she responded.

I was dumfounded, that is how she and her friends laughed at the beginner-lover-boy.

When I told my cousin,  he said he was going to help me out, court technician for me. One night during Ngonso cultural festival,  we saw technician and my cousin followed her. I knew technician could not disgraced him because he was an expert in courting as many girls used to fall for him. After a long session with her, cracking her system to installed a love application, technician accepted to grant me an audience but it was too late, I had  lost hopes in her already.


Second term in loversixth A3, I had performed so well as a class prefect. Girls would rushed to me to mark their names.  I sized the occasions to emproved my social interactions with them.

One day, we got Tenants in the boy’s quarters. Two girls, sisters from same family. We started living like one family with them. Our Tenants were students but not from my school.

I became so closed with the younger one of my level. She had a boyfriend but her beauty was irrisistable. One night she came to my room and said she was going to spend the night with me.

‘Really’ I expressed my doubts.

I started thinking of what my cousin will be thinking. I was so scared of what might happen come night fall. Though very innocent and religious.

On bed in the night,  I slept straight at the eagh through out the night while she slept and rolled from left to right.

In the morning,  when everyone was awake,  it was breaking news.  She instead narrated how I slept without me eve raising a hand to touch her. Everybody laughed at me as if I had failed but an exam.

One week after,  she came again.  This time I had learned from my errors. On bed now, I…………it is morning and she is telling everyone that I was able to allow her slept on my arms.

I’m still as innocent as I was that night.


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