My Experience With Modern Toilets. 

Aerial view of  square, Kumbo town 

When I was young,  really young about 12 years old, I never taught of a world outside our community.  We lived in Takov a village in Nkum Subdivision,  Northwest Region of Cameroon.

There,  I did not know that there are toilets where one can enter a room in the house undress and shit. I lived knowing only our traditional toilet which are separated meters away from our homes.

With those kind of toilets, you don’t need to sit,  you only pull down your trouser, bend down and defecate.

It so happened that my parents sent me on a vacation to Kumbo, Headquarter of Bui Division.  Kumbo is located about 40 miles from Takov.

While in kumbo, I saw street lights,  tarred roads,  taxis, tall building and somany commercial activities.  Things which i have never heard of even. It was to me like a I was in a different planet. My world was like that of “the world outside,  images in our head” by Walter Lippmann.

After a journey of about 2 and half hour, we finally I arrived at my Aunt’s shop thanks to my grandpa who traveled with me all along from the village. At Mbveg in Kumbo,  I witnessed a behavior that seems modern to me. People minded their businesses unlike in my village where we will stare at people and do some background check on them, cross examine them just for no good reason.  Neighbouring villages used to insult us.  (Takov people like to stare at strangers) they will say.

At my Aunt’s home, there were two toilets. The one i have known all my life and a modern one. I avoided the modern toilet for somany reasons.

One day, my nephew asked me to go inside and wash the modern one. I could not say that I was afraid.  I accepted, then carried water from a tap outside and ended at the door of the toilet.  I stood there and trow the rag inside to drag the water out of the room. My nephew discovered that I could not enter the room. He forced me inside and I did.

My fears.

I used to look at others entered the room and washed. I will see water entering a hole at the middle of the room. My worry was that the under was dug like ours.

My fear was that if I enter it will collapse like our traditional toilet which we always dig a big hole and cover it with woods.

I never knew it was just a pipe that was connected under the cemented floor. How stupid I was.

Like my Publisher will tell me, our mistakes in the past write our experience to give us stories to tell.











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