HSUVI To Organize Strategic Fundraising In January 2019

By Jeff Ngawe Yufenyu

Hope Social Union for Persons With Visual Impairment, HSUVI, is planning a big and strategic event to come up on January 04th 2019. The event that will take place in Bamenda is aimed at raising funds to carry out a series of activities in the interest of members of the Union.

Speaking to TWIF News on November 13, 2018 in Bamenda, the President of HSUVI, Ngong Peter Tohnain said the funds to be raised on January 04th 2019 will be earmarked for a number of activities including support for the education of persons with visual impairment, create and equip a resource Centre for the person with visual impaired and garner public support through the publication of a magazine.

suvi               HSUVI members after the workshop in Bamenda

Mr Ngong Tohnain noted that the funds to be raised will also develop an Information and Technology Centre for persons with visual impairment and acquire a bulk of Braille material for use by members of the Union, amongst others.

In a meeting on October 26 2018, presided at by one of the Union’s Advisers, Nyingcho Samuel, the following were identified as strategies to be applied for the funds to be raised. The strategies included distribution of appeal letters to key stakeholders; mobilizing media support; social media crowd sourcing;

The next meeting was scheduled to hold on November 23rd 2018 when members will come back with action plans accompanied by practical budgeting.



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